Our story

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved designing, It has been a constant in my life.

I have been super fortunate enough to be able to raise our beautiful children at home whilst focusing on this creative passion, which organically has formed a strong business 


I count my lucky stars and have been super blessed to have had some amazing accomplishments so far in my designing career !

The stunning Mary-Kate (Miss Danville USA ) chose my Eco Flora sweeper maxi to wear  in the Famous MISS USA Pagent,which in turn made it a sell out style and once again the following year, in a different design.

I placed first in a freestyle design competition in London for US TRENDY , designing a beautiful upcycled party dress in the freestyle eco design catagory, reality stars and amazing bloggers have featured my designs,  I’ve worked with incredibly talented photographers, makeup and stylists and my beautiful muses and incredibly talented models - these women are exceptional!




I’ve enjoyed magazine editorials and fashion shows galore in which I became a top 5 finalist in RAW awards.

I feel like the growth of my label , and the experiences I’ve had, has tKen me to a new phase  and chapter - which is THE WILLOWFIELD , I am so enthusiastic to share everything I love about fashion and STYLE in one amazing and easy to shop online space.

At THE WILLOWFIELD , not only are you exclusively able to shop my new label “willowfield collective “ with its free and bohemian luxe inspired lines for women everywhere to feel feminine , sexy and comfortable all in one, with its EXTREAMLY limited amounts keeping you unique and on trend, we also  explore styling it with the exceptionally FUN colour , vibrant and vintage - which is JOHNNIE RAD .

I will be releasing small capsule collections of my vintage handmade collections replacing my existing label with the NEW  “willowfield unique” line returning to our vintage roots and offering our beautiful sustainable and eco friendly fashion faves for all our earth sisters out there, who love my handmade and unique label, so no fear its still here ladies,  sure you check it out in the willowfield unique section

AND .....you can Learn how to style it all together and buy the whole look in the STYLE ME page.

FASHION is FUN and that’s what it’s all about!!!!!!

So thankyou, new friends and old for continuing on this journey with me and for being my inspiration , motivation and the reason why I continue. So much love and light to you.


 Check out our RAW fashion show interview below


So enjoy your shopping experience; as much as i have enjoying making it a memorable one!

WE always welcome pics / reviews or feedback and  would love to hear from you via mail , Facebook or insta 


Much love  Jess Johnson x