Willowfield is all about beautiful, modern,free spirited women!

The girl next door who’s still front row at the festival.

Peacemakers and and boho babes, colour creatives and gypsy with a touch of hipster, those chicks that dress to play on their personality and mood, with handmade or very small runs, we endeavour to create worlds of artistic fantasy that apply to every day life within a realm of sustainability, ethical nature and LOVE 

We design for YOU.

the creatives 

 Fashion art  that makes our heart sing knowing it will do the same for you.

Most of the the designing is all handmade right here in Australia by designer Jess Johnson and her amazing collective of brilliant support.

Jess understands the impact today’s  fast fashion industry has on our planet and within the textile industry. With that soul fuelled passion we continue to supply  an ethical and sustainable business practice within our brand  to provide stunning designs created with love, without causing such a massive imprint on our environment, therefore we make every effort at the Willowfield Collective to use vintage, yesteryear fabrics and textiles collected worldwide on our travels ( makes it way more special for our customers also )

The other way we are  providing amazing fashion with our head held high is when manufacturing we try to use only fashion dead stocks and textiles that would otherwise become landfill.

we are more  proud than punch to present a label that we pride ourselves on , one that continues with its transparency from start to finish of the design process.


Jess Johnson opened THE WILLOWFIELD COLLECTIVE in 2016  combining all her faveourite things about labels she’s managed and designed for many years  ,this included designing for the stunning Mary-Kate (Miss Danville USA ) in the  MISS USA padgent, WINNING the LONDON FREE STYLE design  compitition and featured in many magazine editorials along the way.

The designs we present are easy to wear and easy to love, designed to last trans-seasonal and pass down to become someone else’s faveourite too.

They are designed for you to be comfortable throughout your wedding/ pregnancy or dancing the day-night away at a festival, feeling beautiful and special while comfortable.

We have since extended this vibe partnering with doterra and offering some SOULFUELLED essential oil to the mix check it out here

we LOVE you

we LOVE style

we LOVE the earth 

it’s our element for YOU to be in yours with WILLOWFIELD

 love and light 

jess and the willowfield collective 





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