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You can say ive  always been a creative sparkle, as a child i would sit and and sketch people in styled outfits,

one by one next to each other, the coolest styled sisters you ever did see. I would name every single one of  them too - (lets say it was part of the creative process to attach the unique personal vibe )  My sketches were always women & all carried an individual vibe and of course a name to match that energy. 

Looking back its quite an awesome thing to remember and really taught me from a young age that whatever our soul wants to do it will lead us there eventually - 

my soul wanted style, textile, change and creativity in all the ways!

It also taught me :

1) High school maths teachers never did  accept pages of fashion drawings instead of set homework - ( Cue Rouge jess from here on in) and what a GLORIOUS thing going Rouge was for me!

1) I was a TRUE CREATOR :

  1. a person or thing that brings something into existence.


I knew i would be a leader of Life in my own way - the first step -design to suit personality - Creating art that suited women of the world that embodied their WHY, embraced their soul and knew they were here for a big reason and  had something to express.

This happened !!!!!! -fast forward quite a few years down the track and my handmade and sustainable designs were worn on TV and by Miss USA amongst winning international awards and appearing on so many runway shows.



 My First label ''In Fair Verona'' did extremely well and i loved every minute of the fast life and fashion shows, life slowed down a bit by choice and my passion was directed towards my  little mini loves  ( 4 of them to be precise) and my creative flow slowed organically,  i jumped off the diving board head first into self mastery during this time - dabbling in finding my true feminine core and embarking on many self discovery courses, workshops and self growth.

I NOW absolutely passionately walk along side my feminine, all her creative process and embody the natural processes we feel and evolve into. its magnificent and glorious when you start respecting all the bits that make you YOU

By DIVING INTO DIVINE SELF MASTERY , unleashing self limitation and stories we embody- that are not our own we free ourselves.

 WILLOWFIELD COLLECTIVE  Was born during this new stage : a new chapter was a calling for new beginnings 

MY business JESSICA JOHNSON CREATIVE was also birthed just recenetly  : OFFERING Creative mindset and mastery courses to connect into your feminine core by releasing energy via your creative - obviously SO  my jam! 

Deep level creating and clearing from the soul 

Fun and engaging workshops to learn a new skills 

Connect into yourself whilst creating small mindful practices at the same time   - watch out for ARTFULLY KIDS launching soon! 

 Willowfield Is a space for everyone, for the free spirited women who have a innate deep desire to make a positive change to our world. 

who love unique shopping experiences and supporting the smaller businesses 

YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON : you are here to change the world in your own way!

 Jessica Johnson - DESIGNER  and CREATIVE MINDSET MASTERY  MENTOR  of Jessica Johnson creative and the Willowfield Collective.

Artsitic Soul Led mentor and lifestyle coach ,Self taught fashion designer for the the make a difference women of the world, artist, creator, mother, lover and soul driven human.

I create 'the things' " support your vibes" " whether it be more soul led focus in a mentorship or one of a kind garments and accessories for women like you , the beauties who keep reading, keep discovering , keep climbing to discover more - to dive in and create their purpose.

I design everything i do for YOU.

The Soul Led creatives 


Jess understands the impact today’s  fast fashion industry has on our planet and within the textile industry. With that soul fueled passion we continue to supply  an ethical and sustainable business practice within our brand  to provide stunning designs created with love, without causing such a massive imprint on our environment, therefore we make every effort at the Willowfield Collective to use vintage, yesteryear fabrics and textiles collected worldwide on our travels

( makes it way more special for our customers also )

The other way we are  providing amazing fashion with our head held high is when manufacturing we try to use only fashion dead stocks and textiles that would otherwise become landfill.

we are more  proud than punch to present a label that we pride ourselves on , one that continues with its transparency from start to finish of the design process.











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