Our ultimate vison for the future of the fashion industry is SLOW FASHION .

We as a fashion label feel it’s our responsibility to represent fashion that is focused on sustainability and responsibility, to ensure our future generations see the need to meet the economic, environmental and social responsibility that the modern day fashion industry is lacking.

Our sustainability philosophy is easy we at “The Willowfield” believe in a goal of supporting a slow fashion industry - AN item you can wear 5000 times instead of 5.

A product from another era transformed into a modern trend or using vintage or already made fabrics to create a new style from.

How do we do this?

The designers we stock all have ethical and eco friendly elements to their label or design process.

The willowfield collective is a cutting edge bohemian brand that is produced in very small runs, the reason is we we try our hardest to use fabric dead stock from large fashion house runs to create and cut unique designs which we then sell and and keep out of land fill, for this reason there is only ever a small amount produced and we usually cannot recut or restock the same design in that exact same fabric due to it being a certain quantity available.

This is a win win for all as YOU have a super unique piece of willowfield and we feel at peace knowing we are part of a solution.

Apart from this unique  and eco friendly process we opt to use fair trade and independent  artisans world wide such as our beautiful kutcha vests, bags and feature textiles  which are hand made by the Hmong people of the Thailand / Burma hills and family runs in India, or our stunning Coachella vests which are hand made with leather offcuts in the USA

Every single one is unique and represents creativity of the Artisan which we love,  also representing such a special and rare emotion of these beautiful designers and their lives.

we think sustainability in fashion is most defiantly something which is a designers responsibility and you as a customer should feel ease and pride knowing you are part of the solution when purchasing at the The Willowfield, we sure are!