Activation online art class
Activation online art class

Activation online art class

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''Creativity is intelligence having fun' -Albert Einstein

Every body is an artist, you create your life every single day into twists and turns of mastery - now ...imagine that beauty translated onto a tangible object you get to inhale daily! 

Using color and energy, activating your pure energy source to share your art with the world!

Every artwork is special, everyone IS creative, theres a bigger picture within each masterpiece- diving into the soul is the key!


A online art workshop run by jessica johnson - purely through a private facebook group you will be added to on sign on. Forever access to return to whenever you wish.

That means no codes, no sign ins, just jump in and start diving into the modules!

SO much BONUS content along the way too- including some guest artists diving into workshops, live painting sessions to tune into and so much more!

you can paint at your own pace - all sessions are pre recorded  and stored in order- however admin will be there to answer ALL questions every step of the way within minutes!

we also have a live introduction to meet me- and have a chat, there i will go through everything you will need( lots of house hold items will do also) what to expect and all the fun this will be! 


Intro and lives - where to buy/find what you will need.

LESSON 1: Getting started, your space, Your energy, Your vibe, Your intention, planning ( is there such a word)

LESSON 2 & 3 :  Explores the color palettes, painting equipment, inspirations  and techniques to create the  masterpiece in work - creating harmonious compositions and layering effect.

LESSON 4 :  The messy middle, moving past any ''stuck'' stages and amazing ways that your art can change direction at this stage just like we do in day to day life. 

LESSON 5:  Finishing touches, and bonus features - 

BONUS CONTENT : Join guest artists for live workshops, defining their own unique techniques and styles 

BONUS CONTENT- Join and watch live sessions as jess works on her own current artworks and chats about her own process during the live

BONUS CONTENT- interesting techniques and clips shared throughout the workshop'

FOREVER ACCESS to playback - paint when you want to