Botanical sage smudge stick - pre order
Botanical sage smudge stick - pre order

Botanical sage smudge stick - pre order

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Sage is a powerful plant for cleansing negative stagnant energy from space, person or any object. It is a beautiful cleansing ceremony that allows us to start fresh with infinite flow of positive vibrations. Cleanse your aura and space today with one of our handmade smudge sticks and add your choice of crystal 

This product is handmade with love and Will take 3-7 days to prepare as is made to order  -please also be mindful it will be very similar but each Cluster arrangement is slightly different to the next depending on the bush flowers and lavenders available - all sticks are made with Mediterranean sage and grosso lavender 

Beautifully handcrafted smudge wand with lush raw crystals. 

add rose quartz raw crystal for : clarity, love, universal love, mind set, peace, aligning heart chakras,grief,healing,joining union, a beautiful goddess crystal for enhancing manifestation and light into your heart 

add raw amethyst crystal for : Amethyst is excellent for soft soothing relaxing vibration, protection and manifesting abundance

add raw quartz crystal for : Clear quartz If you are in need of light, guidance then this is your gem. This beauty also helps to enhance psychic abilities.  Harmonises all chakras and balances our body.  Lears the head and eases the mind of “busy”